For Business Owners Desperate To Get More Sales, Build Their Brand and Scale Fast:


“How To Ditch Paid Ads and Use The Breakthrough New TV Channel Pro Approach Instead To Get More Leads, Sales and Clients Fast With Little to Zero Competition”


With This Breakthrough Method, You Can Build a Gigantic Audience of Raving Fans Who Immediately See You As a Trusted Authority And They Want To Buy From…

Many business owners will prefer to keep their head buried in the sand than to believe this is true…

But online advertising is brutally competitive and is rapidly becoming more overcrowded than ever and is becoming harder and harder for businesses to just break even from paid ads.

If you are:

  • Frustrated at not being able to get the number of sales or clients you want fast enough
  • Paying way too much per lead
  • Struggling to stand out and get the attention of your market due to increasing competition
  • Feeling insecure because of an inconsistent flow of traffic and leads
  • Having to wait longer and longer to profit from ad spend
  • Finding it hard to scale, having limited growth of your business and feeling disappointed at not having the impact you desire

Then you are not alone – and it’s only going to get worse…

Many smaller companies are going out of business while others are having to wait longer and longer to see any sort of profit from their leads or are at least finding it a slow slog to grow and scale…

In fact, a report by Adobe Digital Insights shows that ad costs on average were 5 times the rate of inflation!

Getting Way Less Bang For Your Buck

This means you are paying MORE to reach LESS people while getting fewer leads and sales!

On top of this you have to:

Keep writing with new ads and finding new images to use

Constantly split test

Track all your data in microscopic detail

Make sure your web site complies with all the various terms and policies

This sure isn’t set and forget – these mind-numbing chores take time and energy.

Great if you have plenty of both and don’t find this stuff as exciting as watching paint dry!

Also, you need to make sure your ads don’t break any “rules” and keep up to date with all the various algorithm changes – if not you could keep having ads underperforming, getting rejected or even face a painful account ban!

One way around this is to use an advertising agency – great if you don’t mind forking out thousands more per month on top of your ad budget – while traffic costs are continuing to go through the roof!

And you started the business because you wanted to give your family the dream life with lots of disposable income, freedom to spend as much time with them as possible…

You want to make them proud…

But could rising ad costs turn your dream into a nightmare? You could even go out of business, or worse, bankrupt…

But you can forget about struggling for sales, leads and building your brand using the typical paid ad platforms that all your competitors are using.

There’s a better and faster way with little or even zero competition that can get you a massive audience of raving fans who want to buy from you…

It makes you sick to your stomach, doesn’t it? That all you want to grow the business of your dreams and make an impact in the lives of others through your products or services…

And it’s just getting harder to make paid advertising work due to brutal competition and ever-increasing ad costs.

I know how frustrating it is but it doesn’t have to be this way once you know what I do now and what I am going to reveal in this exciting letter.

My name is Craig Crawford and I’m going to tell you about a revolutionary breakthrough approach that I guarantee will work for any business even if you have thought it’s impossible to turn a profit using any of the major ad platforms out there…

I’m doing this because good people just like you are struggling and wasting money on sky-high ad costs…

Many driven business owners like you who want to make an impact and grow their brand are learning from experts that are just never going to get you to where you want to be because the rules, algorithms and sheer volume of competing ads means that any current up to date info will be out of date within months if not weeks!

So I’m sharing this brand new, cutting edge approach with you today because I want to save you time, money and stress.

To help you to get more sales, grow your brand and finally be able to scale your business at a rapid rate more easily, quickly and effectively than you ever thought possible.

I have no idea how long this letter site will be live online so if you want to know about this fresh, breakthrough new approach you’re going to want to read everything on this page today, right now, if you don’t want to miss out….

If you give me just a little of your time very soon you’ll know exactly why so many people fail to ever grow, build and grow the business of their dreams …

…and more importantly how to finally get in front of a gigantic audience, promote your brand and get the sales that you want and deserve.

Because once it all clicks for you – your challenges are over.

By simply reading this letter you’re going to discover:

  • The biggest factor to pulling in sales and clients – and how to automatically have this immediately while others have to work their butts off to get it slowly over time
  • How the big players make paid advertising work and can wait months to make a profit while others struggle to grow and scale – and why you won’t have to worry about this ever again
  • How to utilize an audience of 57 million (and growing) active users that your competition is missing out on – and how you can sneak in and take advantage to get all the leads, sales and clients you  could ever want

A Word of Warning

Once I share with you this breakthrough new approach, you’re never going to be able to see promoting your brand and getting quality traffic in the same way again.

You’ll no longer have any excuses for why you still struggle…you’ll no longer be able to feel sorry for yourself…you’ll no longer be able to put things off because you feel uncertain as to whether or not it will work for you…

This works for any driven business owner and I’ll prove it to you.

So if you are uneasy about any of that, and just say you want to promote your brand and grow a wildly successful business with the most impact then you should leave this site now because this isn’t for the dreamers or those who play at business treating it as a hobby…

This is only for those who are serious and have had enough of feeling frustrated at not being able to scale, grow and bring in the sales they want because of the brutal competition constantly driving up traffic costs.

Here’s why this is different to everything you’ve seen, tried or heard about before

Because this isn’t merely a way to gain an edge when you are paying for online ads.

And it isn’t some stupid little hack or loophole that won’t work in a few months from now.

Nor is it some weird traffic network filled with cheap (worthless) traffic and fake “bot” clicks that do nothing but waste your money!


This is new, different and is something I bet you haven’t even considered before.

This is so revolutionary that at the time of writing we are the only ones able to even bring you this cutting edge approach which allows you to ditch online ads altogether.

You will be going up a league where you will hardly have any competition and maybe even none at all.

The most exciting part about this is the tremendous advantage it gives to your business…

Here’s why this works so well

Because this gives you the ability to get your business and brand in front of an absolutely gigantic audience – literally millions of people that your competition is missing out on, so you no longer need to pay through the nose for overpriced ads every again!

Instead, you are simply stepping away from this battlefield and going to a place where your best prospects can automatically find you and your content.

And by the nature of this new TV Channel Pro Process, your business and brand are immediately seen as a trusted authority in your marketplace which means it’s a whole lot easier to make sales or sign up clients.

The Biggest Factor to Getting Sales

Consumers have so much choice when they want to buy products and services online.

So the biggest factor overall as to who they will buy from is TRUST!

Here’s how the biggest players make advertising work – they pay for ads and get leads. They may make a bit of money on the front end and if they are world class they may break even straight away…

But the real profit is made in the back end – on higher priced products and services. Sometimes they don’t profit until many months down the line.

In this time they have to develop a relationship with their prospects and most importantly build trust.

And the more they want to charge the more trust has to be built.

No trust = No sales!

This is another major advantage of using the TV Boss Process. You’re not only taking advantage of a truly gigantic audience you are also seen as a trusted authority right off the bat!

So from day #1 they are already closer to buying than if they had clicked on some random ad that took them to some boring web site!

I know there are people around the world DESPERATE to not have to struggle to try to make paid advertising work for growing their business big…

To be freed from being held back by struggling to get the sales and growth they dream of.

Because I know that this is the secret breakthrough you’ve been waiting for and because I know it’s the missing link in every other solution you’ve tried and failed with, in the past or could do in the future…

I’ve decided to do something very, very special!

You see, after wasting so much time and money trying to grow my business with paid advertising online for years I know how painful it can be to want to succeed so desperately but fail over and over and, even worse, wonder if you’ll ever grow your business and brand so it will have a ton of impact and give you and your family a life of freedom.

Well, I’m here to tell you that this changes everything. This exciting breakthrough is what you’ve been missing and can absolutely help you to pull in the sales and scale the hell out of your business more quickly, easily and efficiently than anything else out there.

It’s heartbreaking really.

Good people just like you have wasted so much time, money and effort to build the business of their dreams knowing how much their products and services will positively impact the lives of their customers only to give up because of the ever-rising costs to promote your brand…

I’ve been there myself and I know how frustrating it is to end up struggling because of the brutal competition and sky-high ad costs that can drain your bank balance!

Well, I’m here to tell you…if you are struggling to get the sales you want or are struggling to scale and be a brand to be reckoned with – it isn’t your fault.

It’s no wonder you struggled when, up until a matter of minutes ago, you weren’t even aware that the best and easiest way to rapidly grow your business and scale is to use the TV Boss Process!

Instead, you were battling it out against your competitors, doing your best but struggling to ever make serious progress, growth, and impact, because you weren’t aware of this cutting edge new way to tap into a gigantic audience that most business owners are missing.

Add that to the fact that you probably don’t have the time or expertise to discover what I have done and it’s clear to me that you didn’t have a choice but to battle it out and give it your best shot with paid online ads.

So you should stop being hard on yourself if you’ve beaten yourself up over the months or years for not making much or any progress.

A Revolutionary New Breakthrough

That’s the bad news…that you’ve spent a lot of time and money on overpriced clicks and ads and probably have been taken advantage of by unscrupulous ad agencies…

Because they know people will do anything to not have to manage their advertising themselves.

The good news is that now you’ve landed on this site you never need to make those mistakes again.

This brand new way of promoting your business and getting your own massive audience that trusts you works. Period.

I’m proud to be able to bring to you the breakthrough new TV Boss Process…

It’s all about utilizing the current booming trend in Online TV!

This is where you can get your business slap bang in front of millions of people who are active online TV users and who are hungry for your content.

In short, this is an underutilized but massive traffic network just waiting for you to take advantage of.

How This Works

What it does is it allows you to promote your business to the masses with your very own Internet TV Channel!

It works like this:

  1. Get your Internet TV Channel set up in the correct way
    You get this 100% done for you – we are experts at setting up channels the right way which will get you in front of an audience of millions and will attract your best prospects to you automatically.
  2. Create Video Content (or have us do it for you)
    You simply have your own video content uploaded to your TV channel – just the same as you would simply use on Youtube.
    Your videos can then, of course, promote you and your business and can:
  • Get people to join an email list
  • Promote your products and services
  • Get people to call you on the phone
  • Get people to take a survey
  • Showcase/demo products
  • Send people to your website
  • And much more

People who are interested in your content automatically find you and your channel and can choose from the content you already have available!

By the way, if you don’t want to create your own content we can do this for you as well for a modest fee…

Using this cutting edge done for you process you will finally be able to get all the traffic, leads and sales you ever wanted fast…

Without having to pay for advertising you will be able to scale your business at a rapid rate that you never thought possible.

With your own prestigious internet TV Channel you can:

  • Tap into a gigantic audience of millions where you can get an avalanche of high-quality traffic
  •  Promote your own products and services and finally feel secure because you are getting a consistent and reliable stream of leads and sales
  • Promote other peoples products for a commission
  • Build a solid and reliable brand which will lead to even more long term sales – future proofing your business
  • Be seen as a leading, trusted authority in your market making it easier to sell at higher prices
  • Increase profits even further from TV ad revenue

Yes with this you are tapping into what has to be the biggest audience possible without breaking the bank.

But don’t take my word for it. Let me prove it to you…

Proof: Get In front of an Audience of Millions

Recently internet TV has even overtaken cable TV:

how to create a tv channel

We can set up your own Internet TV channels with both Roku and Amazon Fire.

Roku has at least 27 Million users with active accounts:

how to start your own tv show

Amazon Fire has over 30 Million active users!

how to create a tv channel

This is one hell of an exciting opportunity here don’t you think?

You can get your business in front of an audience of 57 million people who are active users of Internet TV and are hungry for content…

What’s more, is that the number keeps on growing and right now there is hardly any competition!

The cool thing with having your own internet TV channel is that you not only can get people subscribing to your channel (similar to youtube) but they can even download and install your specific channel to their phones or devices…

That is when they are really engaging with you and want more!

Here are a few results existing savvy business owners are enjoying with this:

John is getting “an incredible amount of traffic and subscribers” and does “not have to spend the time or money on ads”

how to broadcast your own tv station

Alun has had 51230 people install his channel!

how to create a tv channel

Paul Donihue has had 5103 people install his channel:

how to create a tv channel

Joseph Hudgins got 1500 people to install his channel in just 1 week:

how to broadcast your own tv station

Another cool thing this gives you is another revenue stream where you can sell advertising. This is so easy as advertisers end to come to you begging to give you money!

Jose Franco took advantage of this BEFORE he even got his channels online:

how to create a tv channel

Justice was approached by a company wanting to place ads:

how to broadcast your own tv station

Lin stone is 77 years young and taking advantage of this – again he has advertisers on board:

how to create a tv channel

Done For You

You don’t have to worry about anything technical because I’ve made this as easy and painless for you as possible.

You can get your very own Internet TV Channel set up 100% done for you!

Once set up you don’t have to pay for ads or do any promotion if you don’t want to.

So far everyone we have set channels up for has automatically got subscribers – people wanting your content will find you through your channel automatically!

While your competitors are trying to outbid each other paying for ads where the costs are rising through the roof you have your audience come to you!

Not only that you can even get paid an additional income stream from others coming to you wanting to advertise on your channel!

By using the usual route of paying for online advertising that is brutally competitive with prices going up and up – it’s like pouring low-quality petrol into a sports car. You may get there eventually but it will be a bumpy ride or you might not arrive at all!

Instead, the highest quality fuel gets you there in the most efficient way possible…

Now at this point, you are probably asking:

Isn’t This Going To Be Super Expensive?

With everything, I’ve talked about today…

How this breakthrough approach has made me realize why this turns the standard way to promote a business via paid ads on its head…

Where your target market automatically finds you for free, where they are instantly engaged with your content and see you as a trusted authority from day #1…

And you have other advertisers coming to you to wanting to pay you to advertise on your channel…

And with many struggling to promote their businesses via paid ads online either hardly being able to make a profit or not being able to scale due to the ever-rising sky-high ad costs…

Resulting in reaching FEWER people while forking out MORE…

And how this has gone on to change the lives of others I have shared this with…

How it is proven to work for any virtually any sort of business…

You’re probably braced for a hefty price tag – even a one-off payment of $100,000 would be a wise investment for any savvy entrepreneur to never have to pay for advertising again don’t you think?

And to be honest, it should have one. But I remember what it was like when I was really struggling to grow my business with paid ads and to make the numbers work…

Being pained at lowering my prices just to try to bring in some much-needed sales – it was humiliating to undervalue my services so much.

Waking up in the middle of the night in cold sweats …

Worrying that my business would go down the pan and feeling the sheer dread at admitting defeat and having to look for a job.

The worst thing though was lying to my family – pretending everything was going well when it wasn’t.

And because I remember these things so clearly, I’m giving you the chance to get your very own Internet TV Channel at an investment that any serious business owner can afford.

Let me ask you a question…

How serious are you about solving this problem…forever?

And how much would you pay to never again have to:

  • Waste money by having to pay for overpriced advertising ever again?
  • Struggle to get the attention of your market due to the sheer number of competitors going up against you?
  •  Keep on writing new ads all the time and forever having to find new images to use?
  • Worry about tracking everything in minuscule detail, making sure pixels are firing properly and that all links are working as they should? (something as simple as a typo in a hyperlink can be extremely costly)
  • Feel insecure because of not getting a consistent stream of traffic, leads and sales?
  • Not being able to scale at a rapid rate and have maximum impact in your market?
  • To waste time dealing with rejected ads and even account bans? (this problem is getting worse and is affecting all sorts of businesses in a wide range of markets)
  • Waste time and money by having to wait longer and longer to see a profit from your ad spend?
  • To find it a hard and long slog to build up enough trust and authority to sell your products and services at higher price points?

If you’re anything like most people who are serious about finally being able to grow the business of your dreams, build a solid brand and scale at a rapid rate you never thought possible…

without having to worry about competition or paying for online ads ever again  – you’d be willing to invest a 6 figure sum.

Sure, the amateurs just treating the business as a hobby will try to pretend that it wouldn’t be worth a lot for them to break free from the ever competitive online advertising platforms with ad costs going through the roof…

But those who are serious always tell me it would be worth a lot of money if they could finally feel proud that they have built the business of their dreams with a solid brand to be reckoned with…

Knowing that they are having maximum impact on their target market.

Those who are serious though – they always tell me it’d easily be worth a 6 figure sum to have this.

But don’t worry. You won’t have to pay anything like that.

In fact, you won’t even have to pay $20,000…

If you sign up today, you’re going to be able to get your own Internet TV Channel totally done for you which can finally help you finally grow the business of your dreams, get all the traffic leads and sales that you’ve ever wanted without having to pay for traffic or advertising ever again for a one time investment of only $10,000!

That means for an equivalent of an average ad spend for a small/medium sized business for 1 month you never have to advertise ever again!

Don’t you think it’s costing you far more than that in NOT getting the traffic, leads, and sales as well as being seen as a leading authority in your market that you need to profit and grow your business?

Don’t you think you’ll spend far more than that trying to battle it out in the brutal world of online advertising where you keep paying out more to reach fewer people and failing miserably if you choose to ignore this proven method?


Now before you sign up there’s just one last thing for me to cover…

If you’ve read this far it’s safe to say you’re likely in a position like I was, and like my success stories were, before we were lucky enough to be exposed to this breakthrough approach.

You’re probably experiencing things like:

  • Paying way too much for traffic and leads
  • Feeling insecure because of not  getting a consistent lead flow
  • Feeling overwhelmed by constantly having to split test ads and having to track every last tiny detail
  • Getting frustrated at not getting the sales and profits you deserve
  • Struggling to scale your business and build a solid brand

Even worse, you’re probably feeling:

  • Embarrassed because of not getting your business to where you were hoping for it to be
  • Fearful that your business will go down the pan and having to go get a regular job
  • Envious of others who seem to be making big profits with ease while you are struggling
  • Guilty that you’ve already wasted money trying to grow your business and lying to your family pretending everything is going well

I hate that you feel that way because I remember it so, so clearly. And I want to remind you of something. I want to remind you that…

It doesn’t need to be this way!

Just like me. Just like my success stories. You don’t need to feel this way anymore – unless you want to.

And that’s really what this comes down to.

A decision. A choice.

Whether you are happy to stay where you are or whether you are brave enough to invest in a new way of doing things that can change your business and your life forever.

The way I see it you’re at a crossroads now…

You can choose to stay where you are, not sign up to this proven TV Boss approach for getting all the traffic, leads and sales for your business that you crave…

Without having to cope with the brutal competition for online ads while paying sky-high costs and continue to struggle with growing your business and a solid brand and all of the worry and stress that come with it:

Continue to pay more and more for traffic.

Continue to struggle to get the leads and sales you need to scale.

And struggle to stand out and get the reach and attention of your market due to the brutal competition of other advertisers.

And even having to cope with rejected ads and even advertising accounts being banned

You’d be silly to make yourself go through all of that when you don’t need to.

More than that though, choosing to do nothing could make your problem a whole lot worse than is now.

Your future can be bright, or it can end up with you going the same fate that many other business owners have suffered – your business going extinct – all that time, money and hard work gone to waste.

So, one decision is to do nothing today, and for things to either stay the same or get far worse.

If you do decide that, well, at least I know I tried my best and that I’ll be helping someone today, even if it’s not you.

On the other hand, there is another decision you can make…

The only decision…

And that’s to try out my proven, breakthrough TV Boss approach and see for yourself how it can get you all the traffic and sales you could desire, and grow your business and brand more quickly, easily and simply than anything else.

You’ll see how this is the missing link that no one else can offer you…

So you would not have found it with anything you have bought in the past, or would have bought in the future, had you not been fortunate enough to find this site today.

And, finally, you can start to experience benefits such as:

  • Feeling relieved knowing that you can ditch paid ads altogether while having others coming to you begging to pay you to advertise on your TV channel
  • Not having to go up against tons of competitors all trying to get the attention of your market
  • Getting a reliable, consistent stream of traffic, leads, and sales
  • Being seen as a leading authority and being able to easily command higher fees
  • Building a solid brand to be reckoned with
  • Secure knowing that you are always in profits while constantly growing your business
  • Finally scaling at a rapid rate and giving you and your family a secure and happy future

Just imagine it. 6 months from now…

You wake up in the morning feeling great having finally overcome the struggle you had to grow your business without all the stresses of battling it out in the brutal world of paid advertising online…

And you look back on this moment right now, as being the best decision you have made in a long, long time.

You almost struggle to believe you are the same person who had such a tough time having to pay more and more for overpriced online ads.

Life is the way you wanted it to be.

You feel proud, confident, excited and happy.

Doesn’t it feel great to even think about that?

You can turn it into reality.

All you’ve got to do is join other courageous business owners who had enough of being a victim of the brutal competition on the paid advertising platforms and made a wise investment in their future.

To sign up today, and avoid the dead-end of doing nothing, or worse to keep wasting a fortune on the rising costs of sky-high advertising, click the order button today and sign up right now…

When this works for you like it has countless others, I’d love to hear from you so you can by my next success story. Nothing makes me more proud than helping people finally seeing the success that they deserve and growing the business and brand of their dreams.

So, don’t delay. Ensure you lock down this golden opportunity before any price hikes or before this offer is removed altogether.

Simply click the order button below and we will immediately get cracking setting this up for you – and within 48 hours you will be the proud new owner of your very own internet TV channel:

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