15 Ideas For Your Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV Channel Content Creation

10 Ideas For Your Roku TV and Amazon Fire TV Video Projects

Business Roku TV and Amazon Fire TV ChannelsWith well over half the market share for connected TV devices, Roku is leading the pack, not just in viewers but in opportunities for content creators, studios, brands, and entrepreneurs to earn revenue with their own Roku TV Channels.

For the content creator, YouTuber, film or TV studio, a Roku channel is a great way to maximize the revenue potential of content you’ve already created and are distributing elsewhere.

For the brand, a Roku Channel is a great way to maximize brand awareness and build loyalty using content that’s both compelling and brand-driven.

For the entrepreneur, a Roku channel is a great way to promote your existing business, build credibility, and ultimately drive sales, or it’s a great business opportunity in and of itself. 

But in all these cases, the content, which is video based is required. And that’s appropriate, because a video is a versatile tool to be used in business, education, entertainment, and so much more, and creating your own video projects is a fun way to challenge yourself creatively and maybe even go viral.

If you’re looking for a topic for your next video, here are ten simple ideas you might want to try:

  1. Interviews are a classic video topic that goes back much further than the web-based video, and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. Consider interviewing someone of interest to you, like a leader in your community, someone with an unusual job, or someone that’s extremely knowledgeable on a specific topic.
  2. Make a how-to screencast, showing viewing how they can learn a new program or specific skill. You can record something as simple as how to use basic computer programs, or give smart tips for organizing your inbox or editing photos.
  3. Produce a parody of your favorite TV show, film, or music video. Parodies can often hold the potential to go viral, especially if they’re based off something that’s well-known in pop culture or current events.
  4. Give a behind the scenes look at something in your life, whether it’s your video filming routine, morning work-out, or daily walk around the block. Viewers often enjoy the “sneak peek” feeling that comes from getting a view into your life.
  5. Share a product review, whether it’s for a new tech device, beauty product, snack food, or book – anything goes!
  6. Create a stop-motion video, using a video editing program to make the production process easier and faster. This type of video project offers up plenty of opportunities to get as creative as you’d like.
  7. Make a haul video. Haul videos take a fun look at the purchases you’ve made from a specific store or on a recent shopping spree and have become a very popular video topic.
  8. Put together a round up of video clips, compiling your favorite short chunks from a certain timespan or topic. Consider doing a “year in review” or another similar flashback-style video.
  9. Take viewers on a tour of your home, filming space, or favorite place in your hometown. Point out specific highlights or unique aspects to keep the tour interesting, and share what you love (or don’t!) about the specific space.
  10. Share your opinion on a specific topic, such as entertainment, sports, or politics. Encourage engagement by asking viewers to comment and share theirs as well.
    Via: https://beonair.com/10-ideas-for-video-projects/

While there’s next to no limit to how creative you can get with your business videos, the key is to create engaging content that will effectively reach your target market. Pinpointing exactly what your ideal viewers will find interesting and relevant is no small task, but there are a handful of content ideas that have universal appeal:

  1. Share customer testimonials and client interviews. Showcase excellent customer experiences and solid relationships by interviewing past clients and letting them tell their stories. Try to keep the conversation casual rather than formal to present the content through a genuine, believable lens.
  2. Interview experts in your industry. Establish yourself as an industry influencer by connecting with experts in your field, building credibility and giving viewers relevant, interesting content that serves a distinct purpose.
  3. Introduce yourself (and your team). Clients (both new and potential) enjoy getting to know the “you” behind your brand and creating a short introductory video can be a great way to build their trust. If you have employees, consider including them in the video as well. Balance a sense of professionalism with a fun, upbeat attitude, and don’t be afraid to get a little creative.
  4. Create an end-of-year summary. Take your viewers through the past year, highlighting major successes and detailing new growth and lessons learned along the way. This approach can help communicate a willingness to learn, which is always a plus in the eyes of clients.
  5. Design product videos that make viewers want to make a purchase. Oftentimes, one of the best ways to explain a new product to potential clients is to simply show them. A thoughtful product video can not only demonstrate the function of a new product or service but also prove exactly why it’s worth buying.

Here are a few video production tips to keep in mind when creating content for your business:

  • It’s important that the final product be professional. If you don’t have experience in video production or editing, consider looking into an educational program to help you build solid skills. Nothing turns viewers off like a poorly filmed or edited video, so it’s critical that your business is committed to quality.
  • Try to find a consistent posting schedule that provides viewers with a steady flow of interesting content. Creating one engaging video isn’t enough to solidify long-term viewership, so take the time to develop a content strategy for the future.
  • Find a balance between your interests and what your viewers want to see. This “sweet spot” can result in highly engaging videos that you truly enjoy making – the best of both worlds.