TV Show Maker 2020

TV Show Maker That Generates Income in 2020

Welcome to my video on the TV show maker that generates income in 2020.

In a moment I’m going to show you exactly how to access our TV show maker.

But first, I want to tell you what else we’re going to cover in this video what else you need to know.

We’re going to talk about Roku versus amazon fire TV, versus apple tv.

And then we’re going to introduce you to the TV show maker that generates income in 2020.

All right, let’s get started.

Okay, let’s start by going over a quick review of our previous video.

Roku channels grow way faster than YouTube channels you can get more subscribers and more loyal followers and compare to conventional TV or cable TV.

It’s pennies on the dollar to get started.

Now, what about Roku versus Amazon TV and Apple TV?

For instance, on Roku, you can monetize your channel.

Roku has a much bigger subscriber base. Four times bigger than Apple TV, and two and a half times bigger than Amazon Fire TV

And you can control your own ad space on your Roku channel, which is huge.

In fact, on Roku, you can monetize your own TV channel, as well.

That’s right, you control the ad stream and you can monetize the actual TV shows.

Something you cannot do with YouTube, Amazon Fire or Apple TV.

It’s huge guys!

Amazon Fire, in addition, and Apple TV for that matter will close down your channel if there’s an issue if there’s a copyright complaint.

Both of them can ask you if you have the rights to the copyright of some different aspects of your shows, the content, the channel name, or anything else.

They can, and do ask for written proof and consent.

And in the meantime, you know your channel is down.

So that’s not the case with Roku.

With Roku, if there’s a complaint they just notify you and your channel continues running.

And you have a chance to address it!

So where then is the TV show maker that generates an in income for you in 2020?

It’s TV Channel Pros (tvchannelpros.com)

You can book a call with our professionals to get started.

So call today guys!

In the next video I’m going to share with you this topic: make tv shows in 2020 even if you’re technologically challenged.

I’ll see you in the next video